The Wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

The First Miracle of Our Lord

This occasion is celebrated among the 14 Great Feasts of our Savior. It also finds reference at the Wedding Service in the entreaty on behalf of the new Orthodox couple: “As Thou wast present at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, and blessed that wedding and changed water into wine by Thine Divine Authority, bless and protect the marriage of Thy servants…”

The Cana incident is frequently chosen to illustrate the Theotokos’ intercession. She is the intermediary between her Son and the bridegroom, whereby, she bypasses the chief steward and the waiters too.

St. Ephrem the Syrian here chants on this occasion: “Bridegrooms with their brides rejoiced. Blessed be the Babe, Whose Mother was the Bride of the Holy One! Blessed be the marriage feast where Thou wast present, in which when wine was suddenly wanting, in Thee it abounded again!”

He also said: “O Christ, if at a wedding feast not Thy own, Thou didst fill six jars with good wine, how great is Thy banquet for the whole Church! Where Thou dost offer Thy own wine, Thy Blood, for our sanctification, therefore we glorify Thee.”

Icon PriceIn this icon, the Virgin is motioning to her Son to assist the wedding party and He, gesturing to the servants, grants her request. According to Church tradition, the bridegroom at this marriage was Simon the Zealot, the future disciple and Apostle of Christ.


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